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The Pointe at Lookout Mountain is located in Kingsland, Texas which, historically, has been the vacation spot for Texans. Located at the junction of the Llano and Lower Colorado Rivers, Kingsland forms the entry onto Lake LBJ, a constant level lake bounded also by Horseshoe Bay, Granite Shoals and Marble Falls.

Since Kingsland is unincorporated, the governing entities are Burnet and Llano Counties with the dividing line being the Lower Colorado River. The Pointe at Lookout Mountain is located in Burnet County. Our roads have been turned over to Burnet County for maintenance and policing. Burnet County is also responsible for providing street addresses and 911 services.

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) is, essentially, responsible for controlling the usage of water from the lakes and the amount of effluent into the lakes. This effects the amount of impervious coverage you are allowed for your property.

The Pointe at Lookout Mountain is a gated community. That only means that the community is self-governing through the Lookout Mountain West Owners Association (POA) and that it  establishes its own zoning codes through its Conditions Covenants and Restrictions (CCRs).

The developer has been determined that all of the Utilities for water, sewer, electricity, cable tv, internet, phone and future communication media are underground in channels which are on both sides of the over 2 miles of roads in the development.

Please tour our development via the over 400 view photos and give us a call if you are interested in our unique and exclusive neighborhood.